Arteta Dismisses Rio Ferdinand’s Claim Of Leaving Arsenal For Manchester United

Arteta Dismisses Rio Ferdinand’s Claim Of Leaving Arsenal For Manchester United

Mikel Arteta

Despite Ferdinand’s suggestion that Arteta would not hesitate to leave Arsenal for the opportunity at Old Trafford,

Arteta has publicly stated that he was not bothered or annoyed by these remarks.

This composed reaction from Arteta sheds light on his confidence in his current role at Arsenal and his focus on the tasks at hand, rather than being swayed by external speculation.

The context of Ferdinand’s comments, with Erik ten Hag facing scrutiny at Manchester United, adds further depth to the situation.

Ferdinand, speaking on his YouTube show, asserted that Arteta would be inclined to accept an offer from Manchester United if it were to arise.

Arteta was quizzed on Ferdinand’s comments as he addressed the media on Friday ahead of Monday night’s clash against Sheffield United.

Arteta insisted the comments were not frustrating to hear but did highlight the need for ‘positive’ punditry to be highlighted more often rather than ‘negative views’.

‘No, I think it’s part of our job that we are exposed to the media, to the pundits.’

‘And they have their opinions. The only thing is that we normally highlight the ones that are not very positive.

‘So we highlight a lot of the time when they say great things, make great comments and great points and analyse things in a really good way and with a vision of someone who has the experience.

‘I think if we do this, it is much better. Sometimes, though, we focus too much on the negative views.’



Arteta’s reaction to Ferdinand’s comments underscores his professionalism and focus on his current role at Arsenal, rather than being swayed by speculation about potential future opportunities at other clubs like Manchester United.