Mikel Arteta Has Shared His Thoughts On Whether Arsenal Need A New Striker

Arteta rule out arsenal new striker

Arsenal had numerous opportunities to secure victory in the game but once again couldn’t capitalize on them.

The outcome has sparked greater demands for Arsenal to acquire a striker, yet their hands are tied by financial fair play regulations.

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“At the moment it does not look realistic.

What my job is, and what we have to do is improve our players and try to get better results with the players we have.

“What I beg from the supporters is that they are behind the team like they have been in difficult moments.

“Stick behind the ones that we have. They are incredibly good. If not then they don’t do what they’ve done today and in Anfield. Stick by them.



“That’s exactly what they need. Then they feel important and supported.

With their attitude they don’t deserve anything different. That’s my opinion.”

Arsenal have had 61 shots in their past three games, but they have scored just once.

And if there is a risk that missed chances are becoming a psychological issue, Arteta said: “Probably it has.

“Especially after today, more than it was against Fulham or West Ham before that. That’s why I think we need to reset.

“This break is good. It comes at a good time. We’re going to as well feel how we feel and how I feel about them in difficult moments.

“Hopefully I can see that from other people too. When things are going well they jump on the train. Now things are difficult, let’s see where they stand.”