Jurgen Klopp Reveals Star’s Injury Setback Before Arsenal vs Liverpool Match

Jurgen on Arsenal vs Liverpool

Against Chelsea midweek, Nunez showcased his disruptive prowess by striking the post an astonishing four times.

Klopp has disclosed that Nunez played through an injury during the match, causing genuine concern among the medical staff.

Liverpool win against Chelsea kept them five points clear at the top of the league ahead of Arsenal and Manchester City with jurgen klopp’s side heading to the Emirates on Sunday.

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‘You probably didn’t know, I don’t know if Darwin will be available or not.

‘Darwin after 20 minutes, someone stepped on his foot and it was very painful.

20 minutes after the game he took the boot off because he didn’t want to see it before because he knew it was something.

‘So he left the stadium in a boot and it was not a football boot.

So nothing broken, the X-ray was clear but we have to see if he can get his foot back into his boot because we all know it takes time.



‘I didn’t see him this morning. So we have to wait a little bit.’

Jota has attracted particular praise in recent weeks and Klopp admitted the 27-year-old has all the tools needed to shine in the Premier League.

“He just has it,” the boss said. “He is a complete package, and he knows that and everyone knows that.

He got a few injuries at the wrong time and if you get too many as well, he is unlucky and Diogo gets in each game knocks like crazy.

“If I go through the medical reports since Diogo is here and he is always there and not as ‘injured’ but just has a bruise, has a knock and he really gets it and on top of that a couple of times and he is out for too long or his numbers would look different.

“He was in really good shape before he got injured, came back and is in a really good shape, he is literally flying.

Everything looks light, he is fresh, and looks explosive.

“On top of that he always is an extremely smart footballer. If the world looks to a country where it is not big but has a lot of extremely smart footballers it is Portugal.

The amount of footballers they have delivered to the football world compared to the amount of people is crazy. And the kind of players, too. Really special.”